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“Courageous Restraint” Medal – Calling On Our Troops to Not Always Fight Back

May 8, 2010

A ridiculous proposition has been made to expand the available military awards to include a “Courageous Restraint” medal. Deserving recipients would include those who avoid deadly force at risk to themselves. Wait. What?!

The spokesperson for Gen Stanley McChrystal, Lt. Col. Edward Sholtis, reports that there has been no final decision, but that the proposition is being reviewed by Headquarters.

Many that oppose the addition of such an award see this as a way of sending a message to our enemies that our military will not fight back at full force. It also sends a confusing message to our troops. Should they not make split-second decisions to eliminate threats as they arise to avoid being disqualified for such an award?

Former senior legal adviser to the Green Berets and director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio, professor Jeffrey F. Addicott had something to say about this.

“It’s an absolutely outrageous proposal to our fighting men. The implication of this award is that we do not engage in war fighting that is appropriate. They’re sending a chilling message to our troops that we are not complying with the law of armed conflict. It’s a propaganda victory for our enemies.”

An Iraq vet and U.S. Marine captain, shared that he understands the intentions of the award but believes “it’s just a bad idea.” He said,

“They teach us not to second-guess our decisions in dangerous situations. When people second-guess themselves they can be putting lives at risk.”

The proposal of this medal is ludicrous. As the wife of a U.S. Marine, I slept better at night while he was in Afghanistan knowing that there wasn’t a glitch in his trigger finger. If our military is told that they can receive commendation for not engaging at times when not completely necessary, there will be many sleepless wives and other family members wondering if their loved one made the right decision each day.

How about more medals for “Courage without Restraint”? This isn’t like Boy Scouts. You can’t just propose we add a Video Game merit badge to the list. This is the UNITED STATES MILITARY. How about a Stray Afghani Puppy Cuddling medal? Or a Best Lady Gaga Impression award?

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  1. May 12, 2010 6:34 pm

    This will also greatly increase the chances of getting another medal-the Purple Heart.

    • liberalisntamy permalink*
      May 12, 2010 8:46 pm

      As well as the number of medals that are awarded posthumously, sadly.

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