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GBTV: Glenn Beck’s Lies and Hate

September 23, 2011

Go here now:

Did you see it? Can you believe it? This sweater and goatee-wearing son of a gun actually thinks we’re interested in LEARNING about our history! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! Oh! Oh! and he also thinks we want to hear reports that are factually accurate and have some kind of merit. The kicker? When he’s finished sharing, he actually tells people to go do the research themselves and not to trust him as their only source!


Okay, okay. So… I love it. My husband and I subscribed to GBTV within days of Glenn’s announcement. Upon watching the first GBTV introduction/launch video, I was most interested in the amount of charity that would be involved. I got goosebumps thinking about neighbors actually helping neighbors again (But what will we do without the government’s help?!). I wondered if this really was happening. Are Americans of unique interests, stories and backgrounds really coming together for the purpose of turning our country back into the great place we know it can be? It would seem so.

My #tcot Twitter feed has never been so active. I’m seeing more and more stickers on vehicles and t-shirts on young adults that disapprove of the current administration. I have found myself worrying about today’s youth and the direction of our country since before the 2008 election, but I honestly feel as if my worry has peaked. I’m on the downhill. I know that my family is prepared, and I am seeing signs every day that Conservatives (especially young Conservatives) are growing in numbers and raising their voices.

Hooray for all of us. Keep up the great work, but remember what we have ahead of us. Liberal doctrine and policies are in our schools, grocery stores, city halls, and even some of our churches. Continue to do what is right, and always, ALWAYS speak the truth.

I highly recommend you sign up for the 14-day free trial of Also, go to your local bookstore and read ANYTHING. Educate yourself.

Thanks for reading my Friday night rant. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! As always, share, comment and subscribe.


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