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Donald Trump: An Out of Touch and Obnoxious Showboat

April 2, 2011
Donald Trump Duck

Property of LIA (:

Will someone pay him to sit down already? I understand that there are groups of wackos contacting you about the President’s birth certificate Don Don, but DAMN. There are much more important things going on right now, and I’d rather not see you all over my T.V. screen. Let the real candidates say something, please.

If your ridiculous appearance on The View wasn’t enough, Liberals can now use you as their “living proof” that tea partiers are certified, cashew-grade nuts. To all Conservatives out there: If you are going to attack the President and his liberal, Marxist, crony ways, please PLEASE use facts against his policies, political beliefs and connections. Enough with the “he’s a Muslim” or “he was born elsewhere”. It’s a lost cause, and it just gives the left more ammo.

We have a tanking economy, a President with misplaced loyalty, and anti-American regimes growing and infiltrating our country every hour of the day. There are PLENTY of other things that should be at the top of our priority list. (I’ll admit, one of my Top 10 is “The banning of men in skinny jeans“) but even that is more important than an official birth certificate.

Trust me, I’m not completely on the Hater Wagon. I think all of those dirty, ignorant liberals that complain about the birth certificate request being “racist” and that “no other President has ever been asked this before” are, well, dirty and ignorant.  See below:

John McCain born in Panama?

Chester A. Arthur born in Canada, eh?
(here for the original Tribune article from 1896)

Charles Evans Hughes a British subject?

There are many more examples that I didn’t list here, you twits. Stop playing the race card. As a matter of fact, I’m going to start yelling “Mom, he pinched me!” every time someone plays the race card. Eventually, you’ll get an idea of how incredibly annoying it is.

Back to the Trumpmeister: While on talk radio, he decided to flatten the idea that a birth announcement in the newspaper is worthless. While I agreed that it shouldn’t be proof of citizenship, he completely lost me on his next comment. Don Don went on a mini-rant about “Who puts birth announcements in the newspaper?”, “His family was poor, how could they have done such a thing?”, and “I’ve never seen a birth in the newspaper. I don’t do it. My friends don’t do it”.


You have just shown the country that you are completely out of touch with small town America. Hospitals report to the newspaper, and the listings are free most of the time. I’ll bet you don’t know what a garage sale is, and I’d put money on you not knowing what a cane pole is or bait shrimp smells like.

The American people need a REAL candidate with REAL knowledge of what goes on in the daily life of citizens. Stop showboating, and go back to your reality show. We all know you have money and have “connections”. Personally, I’m SICK of Presidents with “connections”. How about you, readers? Comment, subscribe and share!


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  1. MuzikPhreak permalink
    April 3, 2011 5:29 pm

    I was gonna vote for him in order to get a spot on “Who Wants To Be a Network Dancing Apprentice Millionaire Star?” or whatever show he has. Good thing this post showed me the error of my ways.

    Two words: Cain. 2012.

    Can we get a real conservative, please? Nice post, Amy.

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