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Illegal is Illegal. Keep on Truckin’, Arizona.

May 6, 2010

I’m proposing a challenge to any person that disagrees with the new law in Arizona. I am honestly interested to hear your reasoning. Give me a paragraph without using the words “racist”, “social justice”, “racial profiling”, “discriminating”or “civil rights”. Do it. I dare you.

I’d also like for you to think about our current process of identifying criminals. A bank is robbed and the teller is raped. When the police officers arrive and are questioning witnesses, how should they describe the suspect?

Witness: Yes, Officer. He was a Mexican man, middle-aged, about 6′ tall and close to 190-205 lbs.
Officer: No, no… That won’t do. You can’t say he was “Mexican”.
Witness: Well, he was wearing a shirt that said “PROUD MEXICAN” and spoke in Spanish and with a Mexican accent.
Officer: Doesn’t matter, ma’am. It just isn’t right to profile that way.
Witness: Erm… Uh… Well, he was Hispanic?
Officer: Nope.
Witness: Latin American?
Officer: Ma’am, what are you trying to do? Do you seriously want me to go out looking for a guy that looks like he’s from a Latin American country?!
Witness: Um, yes… The man that came in here was obviously from Mexico. He even said “Viva Mexico!” before running away.
Officer: I’ll tell you what, ma’am… I’ll put the APB out for a man, 6″ tall, 190-205 lbs. That way, everyone’s happy and no one is offended.
Witness: But you’ll never catch him that way…
Officer: Yes, but we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings now, do we?

Seriously. Is this what we want? If Phoenix is full of crime, and if a large portion of those crimes are committed by illegal Mexican immigrants, why would you not decide to ramp up the enforcement of a law that is already in place? Phoenix, AZ has the 2nd highest amount of kidnappings in the entire world, and is rated #1 in the United States. Approximately 20% of the current jail population in Maricopa county is comprised of illegal immigrants. This is roughly 100 criminals. What’s wrong with this picture?

A large portion of Arizona’s population is Hispanic (that’s LEGAL population). When polling the state’s citizens, it was favored by 70%. What the hell does this tell you?

I apologize for having so many questions, but honestly.

We interrupt this blog post to bring you a news alert:

CAUTION: There are reports of a gang of murderous, thieving white females
with blonde hair and blue eyes on the loose in Houston, TX.


THIS JUST IN: History shows that an increasing number of criminal white girls with blonde hair have been moving in to the area.

When I drive to work tomorrow and get pulled over for speeding, will I care if the officer asks a few extra questions and requests my license and registration? Not in the slightest. If there is a ruthless gang of white, blonde chicks running around… I want to know that laws are being enforced and officers are stepping up security. Will I be offended and bitch and moan about being pulled over “because I’m white”? Of course not. I was pulled over because I was speeding. He asked more questions because I fit the description of a criminal. That description happened to be that I was white and female.

When will those of you that are offended by this law begin to make any sense?

I don’t really understand. Those of you for “social justice” and “government intervention” want the government to give you healthcare, give people an education, give you benefits, give out money, but you don’t want law enforcement agencies to ENFORCE the law? Wake up. This law does nothing more than mimic a federal law that is supposed to be in place. The only reason Arizona passed the state version was because the Federal Government wasn’t answering their cries for help.

Illegal is illegal. God Bless Arizona. Texas should be next.


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  1. vince permalink
    May 6, 2010 11:54 pm

    being a hispanic (of sorts… very “diverse” bloodline i guess you would say but look it) you would think that i would be outraged at this, but i am not. maybe because i am a true patriot, diehard american, and a veteran of a foreign war. it does not bother me. here in a few months when i drive through arizona back to texas, i welcome any officer to pull me over and question me as to my citizenship, because it will let me know that they are actively doing their job. i couldnt agree with you more on that. it makes me very happy that there are people like you that let themselves be heard on matters like this. thanks for this post.


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