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Obama – A God or a Sex Symbol? Ick.

February 21, 2009

Seems like the Obamatrons can’t make up their minds on whether Obama is a god or a sex symbol. Should I bow before him, take my clothes off, or a little of both? Yes, Amy just went there. I’ve crossed that line. Oh dear. We are going into another LIA dimension.


If Alan Cumming can talk about how he wishes to see BHO naked because “he heard that he was big”, then I can say any amount of ludicrous things on this blog from here on out. Amy’s got a free pass, baby. ^_^


Here’s my list of ridiculous Obama-fetish remarks and articles:


Alan Cumming thinks Obama is “big”– I’m icked out just thinking about that comment.

New York Times’ Judith Warner dreams of Obama in her shower, and thinks many women dream of having sex with him – “Not I” said the Amy, “though we are being screwed by the guy…”

Obama Girl – With her disgusting videos. I wouldn’t find her attractive if she were dancing half-naked around Bobby Jindal.

The Nation devotes its first “Carnal Knowledge” post to sizing up Obama – How he makes the girls “jittery”. Seriously. Ew.


I’m sure those of you who fall into that category of “jittery” will tell me I’m jealous or something along those lines. I can hear it now. “You aren’t secure in your own self, you see Obama Girl as a threat, you want that attention, blahdy blahdy blah…” Let me be the first to tell you to shut up. I am a smart, sexy, quick-witted, young, conservative woman and I absolutely know it. Thanks for trying, please come again soon.


I don’t find BHO attractive in the slightest, as if his political stances (or lack thereof) aren’t enough to turn me off. I find it sickening that women (and men) have even lowered themselves to discussing having sex with him. Note to all: When you make comments like this, it just confirms how superficial your vote was.


If you did not vote for him because he was attractive, black or young, then you voted because you believe in his socialist views. Good for you. At least you took a political stance. Too bad it was the vote that will lead us to universal healthcare, a socialized education system, and handouts to illegal aliens, high school drop-outs, and others.


Amy out.


Comment. Discuss.

P.S. Capitalism works.
Agree with Amy, #tcot, and others? Follow this link to see what YOU can do to save our country. The free markets work. Let them.

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  1. Jacob Fintch permalink
    April 14, 2009 4:51 am

    “capatalism works” yet we are finding ourselves falling into an ever deeper shit hole lol
    no government is fully capitalist there will always be socialist branches upon the capitalist tree whether you like it or not, nothing can ever be “me me me” when you are living in a world full of people having to work together to live. It is true that the idea of a fully socialist country is practically flawed but so is the idea of having a country that is purely capitalist. Nothing is black or white for us and we need to realize sooner or later that the only way forward on most topics is to have a blend of ideas, beliefs and solutions. Capitalism does work to an extent but needs to be restructured, for the status quo is not looking very good and I speak for most people who have voted for obama, that we do not see him as a sex god but more as a person that we might be able to trust, a person with fresh new ideas who seems to be very motivated and capable of shaking the ground beneath us to destroy the old way of thinking and raise the new.
    p.s. I actually stumbled upon this blog as I was searching for some of obama’s speeches to be inspired by when I make my highschool president speech, funny how i could so easily get side tracked lol

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