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Seeing Stars – eBay Renames ‘Yellow Star’ After Nazi Complaint

February 19, 2009

I’m a victim. I’m offended. Everyone is out to get me.

An Offensive Star

If you think this way, I owe you a gigantic Puh-LEASE. Put your big girl panties on and deal with it. Did some guy at eBay create ‘yellow stars’ because he is the great-grandson of Hitler? Of course not.

Here’s the story:

eBay uses little yellow stars to rate its users. They are much like the rating systems you see all over the ‘net. One man, Dominique Bellamy, complained that the use of yellow stars offended him and his wife, Francoise, because they were used during WWII to mark Jews.

See the article here.

If I went around complaining about everything that offended me, I would be exhausted. Example: I hate grape flavored candy. Why? Because when I went to the doctor as a child, the only flavor of suckers they ever had was

grape. That’s it. I hate shots. I would get a shot, and then the evil doctor would hand me a grape freaking lollipop. Call it classical conditioning, Pavlovian, whatever…but I hate grape candy.

Should restaurants I visit outlaw grape candy because it annoys me? Hell no. I get over it. Big freaking deal.

Amy, certainly you are not comparing the Holocaust to doctor visits?

No. I am simply pointing out that it is not any person’s job to make sure you are not offended by their actions. If it offends you, see a therapist. Get yourself right. Maybe invest in a bubble to live in. Don’t know where to get the money for a Don’t Get Offended bubble? Write BHO a letter. I’m sure he’ll cover the expenses.

My question: What the hell color are stars supposed to be? I draw yellow stars on top of my Christmas tree doodles during the holidays. Am I offending people by this?! Someone please tell me.

I thank God that this happened in France. Please don’t bring more of this mentality to the USA. Please. We already have victim celebrities like Octomom running around, and we need no more. By the way, have you all heard that Octomom is looking to buy a 1.2 M dollar home? Century 21 is confirming it. Seriously.

This has got to stop.

What do you think? Comment. Discuss. Pass it on.

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  1. Robert Bonnett permalink
    February 20, 2009 7:23 am

    I totally agree! I can’t see why Monsieur Bellamy doesn’t just buy another forty items off eBay and get himself up to a blue star. Heaven help us if he ever reaches a red star. It’ll be McCarthyism all over again….

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