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Linda Blair Should Be Proud…

November 7, 2008

Bahahaha! So, for the record: I DO NOT BELIEVE OBAMA IS THE ANTI-CHRIST.


That said, I think it was an extremely super freaking ridiculous thing that happened in the Illinois Pick 3 Lottery. Out of all of the millions of combinations…. No kidding.


Wait for it, wait, for it….



See for yourself:

11/05/08      Evening Pick 3



Maybe staying up past bedtime and surfin’ the nets was good for something… now for some sleep.

Thanks for all the views lately! Keep it up!

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  1. MuzikPhreak permalink
    November 7, 2008 11:22 am

    I will state here that I also do not believe that Obama is the anti-Christ. I will, however, state that it’s amazingly coincidental that this comes up on the day that he’s picking important members of his Cabinet to lead this (mostly Christian) nation. God is telling him not to f**k it up. Wait! No! God is telling America to tell Obama not to f**k it up! That’s it! Oh, hang on, no, no, I’ve got it. Maybe, just maybe, it was a random chance of (best I can come up with) a little more than 6 billion to one that those numbers came up. Seriously, either way, there are going to be people calling the 700 Club or something and saying it’s a sign that Obama shouldn’t be President. Or he’s the devil. Or whatever. I say this to the kook-fringe on either side of the aisle: Look, we’ve got enough trouble in our economic system without God loading the ping pong balls in the Lotto to tell us what he thinks about the President-elect. Like it or not, Obama is our President now; respect the office. Engage him on issues. Keep it in the arena of ideas. We’ll win. Great post, Amy.

  2. liberalisntamy permalink*
    November 7, 2008 11:35 am


    So, what you’re saying is I can empty the Holy Water out of my Super Soaker? lmao.

    Thanks for the optimism & compliment.


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