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What’s 365 x 4? I Need to Start a Countdown

November 5, 2008

=1460 [give or take a few for leap year].

I am not happy about this.

I promise not to throw things or set things on fire, and I will keep all of my F words to myself. I do respect the position of President of the United States, but there is no law against speaking out against or disagreeing with everything that comes out of the administration. I will be the biting, nagging voice… so get used to it.


My mind is overflowing. My notepad is filled with blog ideas, and things that I am looking forward to researching. For now, I have one thing I’d like to address.


I have read on MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, and even the MSM outlets quotes from Democrats, Obama supporters, and in one instance a Black Panther, that frustrate me.


Some of these people believe that if there is any opposition to the Pres-Elect, it is simply because of ethnic/cultural immaturity. To all of those who say or think these things:


I admit I am a bit fearful. This is because I am a young American concerned about the economy, our nation’s moral and ethical standards, and our global/foreign relationships. I am NOT afraid of a black president; I do not fear that white people have lost power. Redneck Ignorant America does NOT LIVE HERE.


At this point, 52+% of Americans love and support Obama, and 0% is aware of what he is all about. Interviews this morning and afternoon prove this. Democratic and even Obama campaign speakers cannot answer a single question about what we can look forward to in the coming years.


THIS scares me. Skin color does not.



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  1. Kimberly permalink
    November 5, 2008 1:47 pm


    Fear of the unknown is natural; think how the early American settlers might of felt!!

    But not being afraid of what has already occurred, and not willing to take a chance to change it? Well, that would be plain old un-American!

    Don’t worry, as a Democrat for life, I can assure you that for the next four years (hopefully eight!), you WILL wake up everyday, to an almost normal existance, as all of us whom have, who had to suffer through the last eight years of Pres. Bush.

    Life will go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. liberalisntamy permalink*
    November 5, 2008 1:59 pm


    Thank you for the encouragement, but I never doubted that I would wake up in the morning…

    Frankly, the unknown is not something I want to think about when electing a president. The settlers definitely faced unknowns and fears. I agree with you on that. They took a great risk for coming to this great land and persevering. A president with an unknown character differs greatly from a group of settlers running from oppression.

    The chicken-in-every-pot ideology that won over many Obama votes is rapidly fading. President-Elect Obama has been speaking of immediate action since the start of his campaign, and just last night has begun to lower his expectations for the administration’s success. He has quickly gone from instant aid and change to ‘it might not happen during this term…’.

    The best of luck to us all, and yes… the sun will come up as usual.


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