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Amy’s Economics 101 – Original Blogger Post 10/3/08

October 3, 2008

i received lots of good feedback from a recent email i concocted.
maybe others will enjoy. here’s the piece. i’ll get more to you asap.




It may be long, but give it a chance.


When I was about 10 years old, my 8 year old sister and I wanted some extra spending money. We decided that with 20 dollars, we could buy 80 pieces of 25-cent candy. Then, we could sell the candy door to door (using my Girl Scout Cookie selling talents) for twice as much. At the end, we would have doubled our money. It was brilliant to us. We never stopped to think that we were ripping people off, or that we may not be able to sell any candy at all. We were going to jump in, and take the risk.


How did we think we would get 20 bucks without a money tree growing in the backyard? Well, a lemonade stand, of course! We labored all morning making signs, gathering cups, ingredients, and an old card table from the shed. We set up shop in the driveway with big smiles – ready to make a killing. An hour later, we were still sitting. Ice had melted, cups had blown over a few times, and I had scolded Amanda numerous times for drinking ‘the product’. What ever we were doing, it wasn’t working.


After another 30 minutes of sitting and sweating, we picked everything up and went inside. Heartbroken, I realized that I would never be a mogul of the candy industry.


Ten minutes later, the door bell rang. It was Mrs. Prescott from down the road. She smiled at me and said “Amy, I saw you working hard all day long on that lemonade stand. Your mom says you were trying to raise money to buy candy, and that you would eventually use lies and deception to make a profit from selling it. Though I don’t agree with what you were doing, I admire that you tried so hard. Here’s a blank check, honey, and you write whatever amount in there that you want. I just hate to see you fail.”


…Okay, so that last part never happened. I don’t even know a Mrs. Prescott. I actually got carried away playing with Barbies in my room, and forgot all about the lemonade stand just moments after we got inside.


It would have been nice if someone had been there to bail me out when my little ideas failed… but they never were. In my childhood years, I failed at many things. I tried selling painted rocks, beaded bracelets, homemade cookies, fingerpaintings, etc. No one ever showed up on my doorstep with a check. EVER. Even as a child, I understood why. It was MY OWN DECISIONS AND CHOICES that got me to where I was. I took the risk, and it was nobody’s fault but my own. What amount would I have written on that blank check, if given the chance?


700 Billion. That way all of the risk-taking investors could get bailed out. =]


With all of this talk about government getting their hands into corporate banks and businesses… I’m wondering why Paulson hasn’t offered to pay off my student loans. Maybe he’ll call today.


Hope this made you smile. Pass it on if you want, or delete it. Just don’t support government bailouts.



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