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Google Remembers the 79th Anniversary of the Drive-In, Not D-Day

June 6, 2012


I visited Google this morning to check out what they came up with for the 68th Anniversary of D-Day. In 1944, some of history’s most iconic, selfless and courageous men stormed the beaches of Normandy, and I was interested to see Google’s tribute.

Shame on me. I forgot that today was the 79th anniversary of the drive-in movie theater.

To be clear, I love Google doodles. I don’t look to Google as an unofficial historian, and I understand they’d rather do funny, witty, happy or creative doodles. On the anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, I’d go without a doodle over showcasing another anniversary. No condemnation here, but I think they made a poor decision.

I hope there’s backlash. In current times, I won’t be surprised if this goes unnoticed, but I’ll be damned if I don’t share my thoughts. I just wanted to get this posted. I might expand later this evening. Until then, leave a comment and share this post. If this bothers you, don’t be silent.


Wowza! This post gave me one of my busiest blog days since 2008. I’m glad I made it to my office computer as early as I did to see the June 6th Google doodle (drive-in movies, y’all!) I think I got a jump on most of the blogs that posted on the topic. Since the 2008 election, I’ve blogged off and on, and I’ve had several “I’m back!” posts. Life always seems to get out of control, and I start to ignore my political blog for other blogs I manage or other activities.

I’m sorry.

I’ll try to be a better political opinion blogger, and if anything motivated me, it was all of my awesome readers today! You guys rock!


GBTV: Glenn Beck’s Lies and Hate

September 23, 2011

Go here now:

Did you see it? Can you believe it? This sweater and goatee-wearing son of a gun actually thinks we’re interested in LEARNING about our history! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! Oh! Oh! and he also thinks we want to hear reports that are factually accurate and have some kind of merit. The kicker? When he’s finished sharing, he actually tells people to go do the research themselves and not to trust him as their only source!


Okay, okay. So… I love it. My husband and I subscribed to GBTV within days of Glenn’s announcement. Upon watching the first GBTV introduction/launch video, I was most interested in the amount of charity that would be involved. I got goosebumps thinking about neighbors actually helping neighbors again (But what will we do without the government’s help?!). I wondered if this really was happening. Are Americans of unique interests, stories and backgrounds really coming together for the purpose of turning our country back into the great place we know it can be? It would seem so.
Read more…

Modern-Day Segregation and the Lies Dems Tell

April 9, 2011

Spelling Bee Segregation

Democrats do a hell of a lot of preaching about equality and making things right. What does that mean? …not what you think. When they say “equality”, most people associate it with positive feelings and general do-goodness. What Democrats mean is a totally different thing. They are talking about taking money from businesses and wealthy people and giving it to lower-income minorities in the form of government housing, medical care and food. Is this really equality? Or is this stealing from those who worked to get where they are and giving to those that would rather live off the government than work?

Minorities (specifically black Americans in lower income brackets) have blindly voted for Democrats for decades. Why? My guess is that they hear all of the great words like “equality”, “support” and “equal opportunity”. I mean, those all SOUND good…don’t they?

Democrats have long been the puppet masters of an elaborate show to entice black voters with Read more…

Humanitarian Effort in Libya. Ignore-itarian Effort Everywhere Else.

April 3, 2011

With headlines like these:

1,000 Bodies Discovered in Ivory Coast Massacre

Hundreds Injured in Syrian Protests

Afghan Riot Kills 9 Including 7 UN Members, 80 Injured

How is our fearless leader going to put out all of these fires? Each one of these instances requires “humanitarian effort” similar to our current action in Libya. If our presence in the northern part of Africa is necessary, then why isn’t Obama bouncing in his seat with his hand raised high shouting “Oooh ME! ME! ME! Oooh Pick ME!” when it comes to Read more…

Donald Trump: An Out of Touch and Obnoxious Showboat

April 2, 2011
Donald Trump Duck

Property of LIA (:

Will someone pay him to sit down already? I understand that there are groups of wackos contacting you about the President’s birth certificate Don Don, but DAMN. There are much more important things going on right now, and I’d rather not see you all over my T.V. screen. Let the real candidates say something, please.

If your ridiculous appearance on The View wasn’t enough, Read more…

Strike Up The Band: LIA’s 2012 Coverage Is Here!

March 14, 2011

Alright, alright, alright! We’re back with a fresh new look, and I’m ready to get blogging. Stay tuned for the rantings and reporting of a young conservative who’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers (or blow the bird to smithereens).

A few priorities on my list:

– Government Spending
– Illegal Immigration
– Rights vs. Privileges
– Local (Houston) Policies and Moonbats

…and last but not least, Read more…

You Cut – Rep Cantor Introduces Gov’t Cost-Cutting Project

May 12, 2010

Finally, the Republicans have come up with a step toward solution I can happily support. YouCut gives citizens the chance to vote weekly online or by cell phone on spending cuts they’d like to see happen. If you do ANYTHING online today, take time to visit this site and vote!

YouCut Project

View video after the break… Read more…